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Tread Marks

Free and Open Source!

That's right, we're celebrating Seumas' masterpiece by making it completely free and open source!

If you haven't tried it yet, now's the time to get all 20 tanks and 58 maps for free. Get online and wreak havoc!

Currently it's only available on Windows, but it's almost compatible with Mac and Linux. If you think you can help, go ahead and download the code from GitHub. Patches welcome!


If you need help with Tread Marks and can't find an answer here, try our Support page.

Problem: "Could not initialize acceptable OPENGL Rendering Context"

When this error occurs, it means you need to update the device drivers for your video card. See our FAQ on How do I update my video drivers?

Problem: "Mouse Look" mode doesn't behave as expected.

The behavior of Mouse Look is affected by the current state of both "Turret View" (normally toggled with the M key) and "Camera Mode" (normally toggled with the Delete key above the arrow keys). You need to have Turret View turned on to enable Mouse Look to pan the view side to side, and you need Camera Mode set to Funky to allow tilting the view up and down.

Problem: Game doesn't work when a Full Version client connects to a Shareware version game server.

There only seems to be a problem if the Full Version client selects a Tank which doesn't exist in the Shareware Demo prior to connecting. If the Full client selects a Shareware tank (Liquid Falcon, Nemesis, or Dreadnought) things should work.

Problem: Game doesn't work when a Shareware client connects to a Full Version server.

A Full Version server can be configured to be compatible with Shareware clients, but most likely are not, so it is best to only connect Shareware to Shareware and Full to Full.