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Tread Marks

Free and Open Source!

That's right, we're celebrating Seumas' masterpiece by making it completely free and open source!

If you haven't tried it yet, now's the time to get all 20 tanks and 58 maps for free. Get online and wreak havoc!

Currently it's only available on Windows, but it's almost compatible with Mac and Linux. If you think you can help, go ahead and download the code from GitHub. Patches welcome!


Winner of Three Awards in the 2nd Annual Independent Games Festival!

“Best Game”, “Best Design”, “Best Programming”

Battle Tank Combat and Racing

See what some of the top gaming sites are saying about Tread Marks!

“...Tread Marks is a top-notch game that gets better the more you play it and sports some of the most amazing visual effects you've ever seen.” -, 5-Stars

“If you're looking for a very different 3-D autodueler, Treadmarks offers some of the coolest OpenGL tank combat ever offered in a PC game.” -, 80/100

“Treadmarks was a lot of fun to play and very easy to pick up!” - Thresh's, 82%

“Tread Marks is fast, fun and looks great. It is a classic example of the creativity coming from today's small, independent software companies.” -, 4/5

“Great adrenaline pumping deathmatching action with some cool racing modes combined with excellent weapons, tracks, and other features make Tread Marks a very cool game to play.” -, 4-Stars

Tread Marks is an Off-Road Battle Tank Racing and Combat game. Unlike most off-road racing games, in Tread Marks you can actually put holes and scorch marks in the terrain, which last for as long as the race does and don't hurt performance. With a suitably powerful weapon, you can even dig yourself a new canyon, or level a significant chunk of the map!

The terrain engine is a binary-triangle tree based dynamic view dependant Level of Detail height field renderer, taking complete advantage of fast 3D hardware accelerators, and allowing total run-time modification of the landscape. The desired level of detail can be adjusted on the fly to suit the performance of the system running the game, and the desired frame rate of the player.

Features included in the full game:
  • Totally destroyable landscape, with tank tread marks, small craters, large craters, trenches, nuclear blast craters, and even dirt-depositing weapons that add lumps and hills to the track.
  • 20 different tank models to choose from, including 11 Steel Tanks featuring turbo-charged versions of the M1-Abrams and T-72, and 9 smooth skinned Liquid Tanks that will blow your mind.
  • 23 different weapons and power ups, including 120mm shells, rapid-fire missiles, homing missiles, concussion missiles, flame throwers, plasma guns, plasma mines, air strikes, machine guns, chain guns, lasers, multi-fire missiles, diamond tipped ram drills, long range artillery missiles, cruise missiles, dirt balls, nuclear missiles, matter missiles, mass drivers, and the ultimate Evil Incarnate gun.
  • Easy customizability, allowing non-programmers to tweak settings, change images, add new tanks and weapons, design new landscapes, etc.
  • Booming 3D positional battlefield sounds.
  • In-game soundtrack featuring 11 professionally produced songs totalling over 57 minutes of music.
  • Full 3D hardware acceleration through OpenGL, taking advantage of Multi-Texture capable hardware for better performance.
  • Multiple single-player game play modes including instant races, ladder racing, and destruction derby style deathmatches against computer controlled tanks.
  • Networked racing and deathmatching, including one-click Internet game finding.
  • Accessible to the newbie, the average gamer, and the die-hard gamer.
  • Lots of fun to play. :)

System Requirements

Windows 95 or better.