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Rival Ball

Rival Ball is the sequel to DX-Ball 2. Break blocks with a save/resume feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later. Compare your scores to others by posting them online. Chat with other players in the integrated online game room and test your skill in 1-on-1 split-screen network competition. As an added bonus, Rival Ball will play all of your DX-Ball 2 boards.

The basic board set of 150 boards is often referred to as the “full version” of Rival Ball. Rival Ball Series 2 is a separate board pack of 150 different boards.

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Already finished the 32 boards in the demo? Looking for more? You've come to the right place!

Rival Ball and Rival Ball Series 2 both come with 150 additional exciting levels, and don't forget that Rival Ball is also compatible with all of the DX-Ball 2 board packs!

As soon as you place your order you can download the board packs from our website, and you don't even have to pay for shipping!

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With Rival Ball Complete you'll get all five DX-Ball 2 packs, both Rival Ball packs, Rival Ball Tournament, and the Rival Ball Tournament Expansion Pack.

And remember, all the DX-Ball 2 board packs are compatible with Rival Ball, so you'll get two ways to play! Buy it now!

Rival Ball

Board-Sets with Rival Ball: (150 Boards)
Launch- 20 boards
Form and Function- 20 boards
Camping- 10 boards
Rapid Fire- 10 boards
Now You See It- 10 boards
Now You Don't- 10 boards
Mosaic- 10 boards
Captive- 10 boards
Rapture- 10 boards
Quantum Journey- 20 boards
Quandary- 20 boards
Screenshot from Rival Ball

Rival Ball Series 2

Board Sets with Rival Ball Series 2: (150 Boards)
Screenshot from Rival Ball Series 2
Skunk Walk10 boards
Two-Tails10 boards
Flipped10 boards
Fireflies10 boards
Whimsy10 boards
Villa20 boards
Alpha-Net26 boards
Eggs20 boards
Beads and Bones10 boards
Shells and Stones10 boards
Belts and Buckles14 boards

Free Demo

System Requirements

Windows 95 or newer

Legacy Demos

Use these links to download older or alternate versions of the Rival Ball demo. These versions are not officially supported and are not recommended for most users.

1.5.8 (Beta) Nov 2017

1.5.7 Jan 2017

1.5.6 Dec 2007

Mac Version 2002