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Rival Ball Tournament

RBT is fast-action multiplayer breakout game featuring true head-to-head gameplay against the computer or across the Internet. Battle back and forth to destroy bricks, score goals and defeat your opponent. You'll find plenty of action with miniguns blazing, lightning strikes, flame throwers, laser guidance and more. Full Version features include:

  • 150 Levels in 6 unique arenas
  • Play with any of 6 fully animated paddles
  • Create your own player and import
    custom logos
  • Play, chat and spectate online in
    RBT's Internet Game Room
Rival Ball Preview Video

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The full version of Rival Ball Tournament comes with 150 exciting levels. Once you've finished those, be sure to pick up the expansion pack, which offers 150 more unique boards for only $4.99!

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Rival Ball Tournament

Board-Sets with Rival Ball Tournament: (150 Boards)
Screenshot from Rival Ball Tournament
Shape and Form- 25 boards
Fishing- 25 boards
Sword and Chivalry- 25 boards
Stained Glass- 25 boards
Desert Sands- 25 boards
Pottery- 25 boards

Rival Ball Tournament Expansion Pack

Board-Sets with the Expansion Pack: (150 Boards)
Stone Mosaic- 25 boards
Objects in Space- 25 boards
Flotsam- 25 boards
Mallowed Eye- 25 boards
Flora and Fauna- 25 boards
Alphabet- 25 boards
Screenshot from the Rival Ball Tournament Expansion Pack

Free Demo

System Requirements

Windows 95 or newer