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spotty herbert
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posted January 16, 2001 06:35 AM            
can someone please tell how to purchase dx ball 2 board pack without using credit card?


posted January 21, 2001 02:16 AM            
The time required for direct mail was interfering with game development.

We are looking into options, but for the moment DX-Ball 2 board-packs are only available through the store on our web-site:

The Digital River run store may begin to accept other forms of payment "soon"...which likely means "not for a few months"....I can request the service from Digital River but have no other influence in their decision.


In the US, Babbage's, Software Etc, and Game Stop stores should have DX-Ball 2 in boxed CD format, or be able to order it in. CompUSA also should be able to get it in, but might need some prompting.

The CD version in stores... is $19.95 and includes the base game, music and board-pack#1 nicely grouped together...plus an additional 26 bonus boards....for a total of 176 boards.

It's more of an archive or starter pack or gift box.

The main reason for the boxed CD is in response to requests for gifts....It is also something of a test to see if LDA can self-publish DX-Ball 2 into regular retail channels.