Author Topic:   NEW Version! DXBoard 0.80
posted September 26, 1999 03:54 PM           
I've released the new version of DXBoard (Version 0.80 Build 1011) with new features, includeing:

-Windows Install/Uninstall
-Added support for ALL Brickset IMG files
-Added support for ALL Background IMG files
-Added Advanced Movement controls
-Made it so you could see the background you were choosing
-Added a background view mode
-Added End-of-Boardset text file feature
-Fixed bug associated with End-of-Boardset test file
-Added Drag and Drop compatability
-Added command line compatability
-Small changes to toolbar (layout and animation)
-New brickset and a boardset to go with it (Created by my wife and myself)
-Minor changes to Virtual World Boardset (VirtualNOP_eR - Rev2.bds)
-Other bug-fixes

Download it at: http://www2.crosswinds.net/~noper/files/DXBoard_80.zip
and hopefully from http://www.dxball.org soon, `cause that Crosswinds site is slow!

Send comments, questions, and suggestions to jonhansen@usa.net


DX-Ball Head Quarters
posted September 29, 1999 06:43 PM           
Soon (as soon as it downloads)
it will be up at The DX-Ball Head Quarters. http://dxball.virtualave.net