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DX-Ball 2

DX-Ball 2 is the king of breakout games!

With more than 5 million downloads, it's the breakout game all others are compared to.

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Board Pack 1

Board Pack 1 is often referred to as the “full version” of DX-Ball 2 because the 24 demo boards are from Board Pack 1.

Board sets with Board Pack 1: (150 Boards)
Variations on a Dream- 25 boards
Searching for Bucephelas- 25 boards
Equalizer- 25 boards
Hide and Glow Seek- 25 boards
Expedition Corn Fed- 25 boards
Journey to the Sun- 25 boards
Screenshot from Board Pack #1

Board Pack 2

Board sets with Board Pack 2: (150 Boards)
Screenshot from Board Pack #2
Babes and Matriarchs- 25 boards
Agamemnon's Revenge- 50 boards
Kickers, Hats and Wraps- 25 boards
Stingers, Legs and Backs- 25 boards
Coveting the Grail- 25 boards

Board Pack 3

Board sets with Board Pack 3: (150 Boards)
Kimonos and Coverings- 25 boards
Meadows and Mountains- 25 boards
It's in the Shrubbery- 50 boards
Vegetarian Feast- 25 boards
Harmonious Maze- 25 boards
Screenshot from Board Pack #3

Memorial Pack

Board sets with the Seamus Memorial Board Pack: (176 Boards)
Screenshot from Memorial Pack
Memorial set- 100 boards
Camouflage and Disguise- 25 boards
Hitchhiker- 25 boards
Gemstone Letters- 26 boards

Classic Pack

All the levels you loved from the original DX-Ball, plus 100 new levels by Michael and Sarah Welch, the original designers of DX-Ball.

Board sets with the Classic Board Pack: (150 Boards)
Tribute Set- 50 boards
Challenge Set- 50 boards
Classic DXBall Set- 50 boards
Screenshot from Classic Pack

Free Demo

System Requirements

Windows 95 or newer

Legacy Demos

Use these links to download older or alternate versions of the DX-Ball 2 demo. These versions are not officially supported and are not recommended for most users.

v1.32 - 2007