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Longbow Digital Arts Incorporated

Longbow Digital Arts Incorporated has been developing technically innovative and artistically unique computer games and utilities since 1998. These include the award winning Tread Marks with its cutting edge 3D terrain engine, the very popular DX-Ball 2, king of breakout-style games, and the delightful Particle Fire screen savers. Our more recent products include Rival Ball, Triangle Trifle, Vortiball, Stone Cutter, and Rival Ball Tournament, as well as Norupa's Lizard, an electronic children's book which we offer for free.

We're currently working on Hegemony, a critically acclaimed series of historical strategy wargames set in the ancient world. We've developed a new and innovative 3D landscape engine for this project to combine battle and strategy in the same unified 3D world.

Seumas McNally, President and Lead Programmer of Longbow Digital Arts, died on March 21st, 2000 at 2 PM EST, following a three-year battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Please view photos of Seumas, Seumas' CBC interview, and the Main Tribute Site.

The grand prize at the Independent Game Festival has been renamed to honour Seumas. The original announcement from April 2000 can be found here.

Longbow Digital Arts Contacts

For Technical Support visit our support page for instructions.

Mailing Address

Longbow Digital Arts
Box 513, 220 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1

Physical Address

220 Yonge Street
Suite 220
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1