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Hegemony Rome 2.2 Preview

By rob,

The preview release of Hegemony Rome 2.2 is now available in the Steam beta branch. This update introduces a brand new ambush and recon system, new modding samples, improved AI, better memory performance for 32 bit machines and a bunch of bug fixes. For the full change log check out the announcement on Steam.

As with earlier previews, this is a work-in-progress so there may be a few new bugs but let us know what you think and you can report any issues directly to us at

New Rome Beta

By rob,

To start off the week we've got a new beta release in the "Update Testing" branch over on Steam. Ver 2.1.1 beta 1 fixes a bug with the fishery upgrade and introduces further improvements to the raiding, construction and defense AI. This is a relatively minor update, but we wanted to get a few changes in before we moved onto some of the new features for 2.2.

Update 2.1 + New Playable Content!

By rob,

We've got two big announcements this week: First off, we've officially launched Hegemony Rome 2.1 which includes the new mercenary hiring mechanic plus a handful of bug fixes and AI improvements. If you're playing on Steam you should have the update already, and for those who bought it here you can download the latest version through our download centre.

To showcase the new feature, we're also launching the Mercenaries DLC pack with 6 all-new unit types including the Garamante spearmen, Dacian swordsmen and the proto-viking Suione raiding ships. For a little background on the new units check out Britt's blog or head over to Steam for screenshots. You can grab the new unit pack for $4.99 directly from us or from most digital retailers like Steam or GamersGate.

And there's a lot more coming soon including new sandbox AI, new tactical options, more new units, plus something big that we'll discuss more as we get closer to the holidays.

Hegemony Rome 2.1 Preview!

By rob,

Heading into the weekend we've got a new preview available for the next major update of Hegemony Rome. Version 2.1 adds an all new mercenary mechanic that lets you hire fully trained veteran units using the new Mercenary Post upgrade. Mercenaries don't need recruits, but they are expensive and don't replaces losses after combat so you'll need to manage them wisely.

For now, available mercenaries include the standard skirmishers, spearmen, cavalry, etc. plus special units from the campaign like the Cretan Archers or Baelaric Slingers. However, we've also been working on some all-new units taken from around the Roman world that we'll be announcing in the coming weeks.

For those who haven't tried the previews before, you can access them in Steam by right-clicking the game in your list, opening the properties window and selecting 'update_testing' from the list on the betas tab. As with earlier previews, be warned this version has not been fully tested and some features may be incomplete.

The Bannermen!

By rob,

As promised last week, the first new content for Hegemony Rome is now available! The Bannermen is a free DLC pack that we're launching as a small way to say thanks to the community for everyone's support during and after Early Access. This pack doesn't affect gameplay, but does add some cool new figures like the Roman Aquilifer or Gallic Hornblower to signify veteran units.

Today also marks the official launch of version 2.0.5 which will be familiar to anyone playing in the beta branch. This update focuses mostly on bug fixes and a few specific performance issues and you can check out the beta release notes for more details.

And check back in the coming weeks when we'll have more info on some of the new features and new playable content coming later this fall.

2.0.5 beta 2 is out!

By rob,

The next preview for update 2.0.5 is available now in the Steam beta branch. If you haven't played the beta before you'll need to enter the code "HegemonyRome" into Steam to unlock it. And for those who bought it from our site, we should have it available in your download centre later today.

This update focuses mostly on stability issues, resolving a few reported CTD bugs and a longstanding issue with projectile meshes on some graphics hardware. For the full changelog check out the announcement over on Steam.

And stay tuned next week as we're going to be announcing soon some of the new content that will be coming for Rome this fall!

Rome Update Betas Now Available!

By rob,

In order to get you guys updates and patches as quickly as possible, we've just launched a new public beta branch where we'll be posting previews of the next update. As with all betas, these version won't be as thoroughly tested as the final release, but if you want to see what we're working on or you're looking for a specific fix than you might want to give it a try.

For those who bought the game from us, there will be a new link available in the download centre and for those on Steam you can access it through the game's Betas tab using the password 'HegemonyRome'.

For more info and release notes on the first beta, check out the announcement over on Steam.

Hegemony Rome Update 2.0.4

By rob,

The latest update for Rome is now available here and on Steam. This update includes a handful of bug fixes, balance adjustments, as well as some ongoing AI improvements. For a full list check out the change log on Steam.

And, in addition to further updates, we've also been busy working on some new content and features, so stay tuned for more info!

Hegemony Rome is Available Now!

By rob,

We made it! It's been a crazy couple months through Early Access, but we're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome has been officially released and is available now through Steam, the Longbow Store (non-Steam, English only) and most other digital retailers.

We want to say a special thanks to everyone who made it possible. This was a hugely ambitious project for us and we couldn't have done it without the support from the community, everyone in Early Access, the team over at Kalypso/Kasedo, and all our friends and family who put up with us through some crazy crunch times.

But, as I said in the last post: this isn't really the end. While all of the major features and content have been completed, there is still a lot we want to do. The next update is already in the works, and we've got a lot more plans to keep us busy with new content and features for the foreseeable future.

So stay tuned, and thanks again!

Rome Leaves Early Access May 15

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will officially be ending Early Access May 15th and moving into regular release. This doesn't mean an end to the updates - we've got another big one coming this week and there's definitely more polishing and tweaking we plan to do - particularly with the AI. But it does mean a slightly slower pace to the updates and a greater focus on stability and compatibility.

For those who've already joined us in Early Access, this won't change much and we hope you keeping sending us your feedback and ideas. But for those who've been waiting to see how the game turned out, May 15th will be a great time to check it out and see what we've been up to these past few months.

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