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Hegemony Rome is Available Now!

By rob,

We made it! It's been a crazy couple months through Early Access, but we're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome has been officially released and is available now through Steam, the Longbow Store (non-Steam, English only) and most other digital retailers.

We want to say a special thanks to everyone who made it possible. This was a hugely ambitious project for us and we couldn't have done it without the support from the community, everyone in Early Access, the team over at Kalypso/Kasedo, and all our friends and family who put up with us through some crazy crunch times.

But, as I said in the last post: this isn't really the end. While all of the major features and content have been completed, there is still a lot we want to do. The next update is already in the works, and we've got a lot more plans to keep us busy with new content and features for the foreseeable future.

So stay tuned, and thanks again!

Rome Leaves Early Access May 15

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will officially be ending Early Access May 15th and moving into regular release. This doesn't mean an end to the updates - we've got another big one coming this week and there's definitely more polishing and tweaking we plan to do - particularly with the AI. But it does mean a slightly slower pace to the updates and a greater focus on stability and compatibility.

For those who've already joined us in Early Access, this won't change much and we hope you keeping sending us your feedback and ideas. But for those who've been waiting to see how the game turned out, May 15th will be a great time to check it out and see what we've been up to these past few months.

French and Italian now Available in Rome!

By rob,

With last week's release of the remaining campaign and sandbox content for Rome, we're now fully into the polish and tuning phase. This week we've got new French and Italian translations plus a lot of bugs fixes, GUI cleanup, audio work and AI adjustments. Check out the whole change log over on Steam.

Early Access Update

By rob,

To start off the weekend we have another update for Early Access. This one includes a significant reworking of the siege mechanics and the final chapter of the campaign: Men Believe What They Wish. You'll also notice all new wall graphics for the city/forts and a lot of bug fixes for linking and adjusting group formations.

As usual, most of this is still a work in progress: the AI still needs to be updated to the new siege mechanics, there are still some artifacts and collisions with the new walls, chapter 4 still needs rewards, and there's a lot still to do on grouping.

Early Access Update 4!

By rob,

After a few longer updates, we're back on pace this week with another Early Access update for Hegemony Rome. This time we've got a first glimpse at the long awaited Sandbox mode, new rewards and objectives for Chapter 3, plus a few more gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. Check out the release notes over on Steam.

Early Access Update 3

By rob,

We're back from the GDC this week and we're excited to announce we've got another Early Access update for Rome.

This update includes a variety of bug fixes, gameplay improvements, and highlights some of the great work the art team has been doing to bring the map to life. Continued →

Early Access Update 1 is Live!

By rob,

Thanks to everyone who's joined the Early Access release of Hegemony Rome. We've really appreciated all of the support and feedback we've received over the past week and we're looking forward to working with you guys to make Rome the best game it can be.

To start the ball rolling, we're releasing today the first Early Access update. It's mostly a technical fix, but we've tried to include a few gameplay adjustments as well. Check out the release notes over on the Steam hub.

Hegemony Live on

By rob,

To launch the Early Access version of Hegemony Rome we're going to be doing two live walkthrough and Q&A sessions on this week. This is a great chance to see the game in action and to ask us about the game, development, early access, or anything else you can come up with. If you want to send in your questions in advance post here or tweet using the hashtag #Hegemony_Live.

The first broadcast will be Wednesday, Feb 12th @ 19:00 GMT and the second will be Thursday, Feb 13th @ 20:00 EST.

UPDATE: You can now watch a replay of the event over on YouTube.

Hegemony Rome is coming to Steam Early Access!

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will be coming to Steam Early Access on February 12!

The feedback and support from the community so far has been awesome and extremely helpful, and we're really looking forward to getting more players involved as we finish up the game. Check out the Coming Soon page on Steam and the new Community Hub!

Launch Info and a New Teaser!

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will officially launch this spring as the premier title of Kalypso's new Kasedo Games label. Check out the new teaser video!

For more info visit our Rome site, or hit the forums to join the discussion on the ongoing beta.

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